Friday, September 25, 2009

Purple Fairies in the Garden (N004, ER005, BR005, CM003)

Received a request to customize the Pink Fairies in the Garden series in Purple.

it should be purple though. not blue.

Materials : Purple crystals, and lovely leaf connectors.

Code: Necklace (N004)
Measurement: approx 17" (43cm) including toggle clasp.
Price: RM18.00

Code: Earrings (ER005)
Measurement: 1" (2.5cm) including ear hook.
Price: RM5.00

Code: Bracelet (BR005)
Measurement: 7" (18cm) including clasp.
Price: RM13.00

or 1 set at: RM36.00 (CM003)

Availability: 1 set Sold. Remakes still possible.

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