Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Necklaces traditionally come in seven lengths. Depending on the length, the necklace will hang to a different part of the wearer's body.

* 10- to 13-inch necklaces: Short necklaces, such as chokers, wrap close around the neck and measure 10 to 13 inches long.

* 16- to 18-inch necklaces: Certain chains, lockets, strands, and chokers measure between 16 and 18 inches long. They stay close to the neck. Attached pendants lie above the breastbone.

* 17- to 20-inch necklaces: Many chains, strands, and lockets, as well as some longer chokers measure between 17 and 20 inches long, meet at top of breastbone, and can attach pendants.

* 20- to 24-inch necklaces: Chains measuring 20 to 24 inches long meet at the top of the bust line. Certain strands, chokers, and pendant necklaces also come in these lengths.

* 28- to 34-inch necklaces: Long, 28 to 34-inch necklaces hang at or below the bust line or are worn as a doubled strand.

* Necklaces 40 inches and longer: Often worn doubled or tripled, necklaces measuring more than 40 inches long can also hang at, or below, the navel.

* Necklaces 48 inches and longer: Often used for long strands, necklaces measuring more than 48 inches long usually wrap or knot around the neck without a clasp.

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