Friday, July 9, 2010

Queen of My Heart Bracelet (BR018)

This bracelet have those domestic and household electrical charms.

The story of this bracelet goes like this:
Heart charm: Mom shows her affection to her love ones: daddy, sons and daughters.
Camera charm: Mom loves to take pictures of their love ones.
Scissors charm: Mom loves to cut out recipes from everywhere, newspapers, magazines... to whisk up a new dish for her family.
Queen tiara charm: Mom's the queen in the household. Daddy is the king lor.
Baby pram charm: You. Mom so happy from the day you were born.
Queen tiara charm: Yup, Mom's is the queen of my Heart. What'bout you?
Singer sewing machine charm: Remember those days when each and every household also have 1 of these?
Iron charm: Mom ironing all of your cloths lor.
Gardening charm: Mom doing some gardening in front of the house with pretty flowers...
Heart charm: Mom kissing goodnight, every night, when you were small. Have you kiss your mom lately?? I have.

Does this mom sounds so much like your mom?

Oh, I have also added metallic gold colour czech crystals for colour.

Materials: metallic gold czech crystals, tibet silver twisted jump rings, domestic and household electrical charms, and a heart toggle clasp.

Price: RM27.00.

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