Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blooming in Paris Brooch

Finally, a brooch in my jewelry collection. Yahoo!

Not to say that I don't like brooch, it is just that there are way too many in the market, and I have not thought of any unique designs to create.

I have just bought the 3D Eiffel Tower charm. I'd make these broochs straightaway.
The Eiffel Tower will be dangling down from the flower.
I wonder what it looks like with baju kurung ....?

Happy Raya holidays to all Muslim friends. :)

Materials: Lovely Polymer Clay flowers and 3D Eiffel Tower charm.

Blooming in Paris Brooch with Blue flower: BB001
Blooming in Paris Brooch with Pink flower: BB002
Blooming in Paris Brooch with Yellow flower: BB003
Blooming in Paris Brooch with Red flower: BB004

Price: RM18 each.

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