Monday, April 26, 2010

Money Attraction Tree of Life Pendant #1 (PN003)

I have received several inquiries on the size of the Yellow Quartz Tree of Life Pendant ever since I posted it few weeks ago. The actual size for it is 5cm or 2 inches in diameter, pretty huge. It was originally meant for a guy so my friend wasn't mind for a huge pendant since he wears it under his shirt. Things for him kinda has some improvements, not sure whether it is just plain coincidence, but you'll never know, just let the universe do its work for you, plus you must, I mean, MUST have a positive mindset too. And no guarantees too....

Back to my friend, what improvement did I just said?? He is a real estate agent, so selling and renting out properties is his main $$ making tool. Since wearing it, according to him, sold 2 houses, one of it worth RM400K, wow!!

So I have made another smaller pendant. This time slightly bigger than our 50 cents coin.
I know, I have inquiries to have it in 5 cents too. That's pretty difficult coz the sizes of the yellow quartz / citrine is not the same. Each piece of the gemstones are in odd sizes. Which means the smaller the pendant is, the more difficult it is to find smaller gemstone chips.

See what I mean??...

Materials: yellow quartz (also known as citrine) gemstone chips, non-tarnish silver wire and necklace chain.

Pendant size: 3.5cm in diameter (1 1/4 inches in diameter).
Necklace chain: 18". or 46cm. Email me for other sizes.

code: PN003
Price: RM27.00

If you think the pendant is too big for you, why not try other ways to put / wear it?? Example, put it in your wallet, put together with your bank passbook perhaps, attach it to your front mirror in your car, ........ endless ways.

More to come, in other sizes. Perhaps in other gemstone chips?? Email me your inquiries or concerns, see how I can assist you further.....

Stay tune.....

Additional charges (slightly) may apply.

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