Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Necklace for your face shape

Do you know that you can choose the correct necklace size and shape to enhance your best features?

First you will need too determine what type of face shape you have, eg. Oval, round, square...

Oval Face:
You are so lucky. Any necklace type will look great on you.
However, if you have longer neck, try wearing shorter necklace to "shorten" the neck.

Round Face:
Long necklace works best. It will elongate
your face so that your face will not look round. Choose necklaces that are 28" to 32" in length. You can also wear necklaces with a pendant. It will draw the attention away from the face.
Never never wears a choker, extra short necklaces, pearls or even big beaded / stones necklaces.

Square Face:
Long necklaces with round beads / stones /shape works best for you. It will "soften" the corners of your face.
Try wearing waterfall type of necklaces.

Heart Face:
People with heart shaped face balances with choker necklaces because they soften and diminish the sharp angle of your chin.

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